1. Figure

Stainless Steel
Cast Iron, Ductile Cast Iron

2. Introduction

(1) TiC-TiN Type
T3N, T15
These are composed of titanium carbide and titanium nitride. By adding TiN to TiC, it becomes harder and tougher with highly densed fine grain sized structure.
It offers the higher wear and plastic deformation resistance at speed two to three times of carbide, the improved surface finish by less generation of built-up edge and the excellent chipping resistance on cutting edge by its higher breaking strength than TiC.

(2) Carbide Type
It is newly developed by new composition and structure, and has excellent thermal shock resistance and higher mechanical strength than TiC.

(3) TiN Type
N20, N40
TiN-Nitride Cermet has been introduced at the first time in the world. It consists of more titanium nitride than titanium carbide, and is tougher than TiC-TiN.
It offers the excellent toughness by its thermal shock resistance and plastic deformation, the improved surface finish by its negative affinity and better crater resistance, and can be used for cutting condition which can cause built-up edge and breakage due to thermal crack.