1. Figure

Cast Iron

2. Introduction

(1) AL2O3 Type
  AL2O3-TiC Type
HC2, HC4, HC5, HC6
It is mainly composed of highly pure alumina (AL2O3), and sintered by a cold press method, hot press method or HIP method. Its fine grain and highly densed structure provide cutting tool materials with high hardness, thermal and chemical stability.
It offers higher speed machining than cemented carbide, the machining of high-hardness materials such as case hardened steels and hardened rolls, the improved surface finish by less built-up edge, and the high accuracy.

(2) Si3N4 Type
SP2, SX2, SX8
SP2 and SX2 are newly developed with few additives to intensify the excellent properties of silicon nitride. With excellent durability, hardness, fracture toughness and wear resistance even at high temperature, these are suitable for rough milling of cast iron with coolant. SX8 is the most advanced silicon nitride material and sintered by a HIP to make it exceptionally tough. It is combined with toughness and wear resistance for use on gray cast iron.
It has excellent features such as high speed rough-interrupted machining by its higher fracture toughness than AL2O3, and wet rough machining by its better thermal shock resistance than AL2O3-TiC.