ATMO has firmly established itself as a general exporter in the fields of Cutting Tools, since its designation as the official export channel for the tool manufacturing companies most well known in South Korea.

ATMO deals with wide variety of Cutting Tools, Holders and its Accessories which are committed to being available in the all sorts of machining process, including all kinds of tool grade such as Tungsten Carbide Inserts, Cermet Inserts, Ceramic Inserts, Cubic Boron Nitride and Diamond Tools.

ATMO has close links with 15 companies of the best tools which are renowned for its superb quality with over 20 years of accumulated technical experience and competitive price in a broad line of Cutting Tools.

As ATMO has engaged in active export of various company's cutting tools, it has abilities to bring about a profitability to foreign importers by assisting their requirement, even if any importers need many sorts of tools only with low quantities per each items.

Main item's grade lists of cutting tool are attached as following with the contents of tool's grade, work material, machining class and characteristics on the selection and application table. If anyone wants to know more details of the concerned items to import, please don't hesitate to contact ATMO (Fax : +82-52-293-7973 E-mail : while clearly noting its grade of the table and ISO Identification System Number (Metric or Inch).
We, ATMO hope that we may be of service to customers in every way.